On Friday, January 13, 2017 at 9:30:15 AM UTC, Charles Pique wrote:
> I used Sage sometime around 2005 +/-5 and had a user name and password. 
> Now my login doesn't work and I can't even register.
> I had a bunch of work saved on the site and I downloaded it too in case 
> the site lost it.   Years ago the stuff could have been uploaded and 
> restored.  I don't know if the format is the same after all this time.  
> Back then I could not find basic help that I needed.   It appears to be 
> better today.   Is there a registration page?

To begin with, are you talking about sage as in http://www.sagemath.org/ ?
Then, what site are you referring to? sagenb.org ? 
(I suspect you might be talking about Sage as in https://shop.sage.co.uk/ - 
and we have nothing to do with this, and never ever had)


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