The online site where I worked with SAGE ( was taken down 
because of spammers according to
  I had noticed some restrictions and comments about it back then.  I went 
my way for some years and now a number of my bookmarks get an error.  I 
erased them yesterday but they all contain "".  I have seen 
websites disappear before so I copied all my files to my hard drive.  They 
had the extension .sws.  I also got a large file with the name SAGE-4.8.ova 
which might be a software package. I still have my old user name and 
password but nowhere to try them.  I think I have a new password with same 
old name at  but that gets 
a blog.  I don't know how to get the interactive web page that does all the 
nice things that I used to play with. I never could find instructions for 
basic things.   I never heard of the Sage store before. 
Today I have a need to solve cubic equations as part of a root locus plot 
in electronic circuit analysis.   

On Friday, January 13, 2017 at 4:30:15 AM UTC-5, Charles Pique wrote:
> I used Sage sometime around 2005 +/-5 and had a user name and password. 
> Now my login doesn't work and I can't even register.
> I had a bunch of work saved on the site and I downloaded it too in case 
> the site lost it.   Years ago the stuff could have been uploaded and 
> restored.  I don't know if the format is the same after all this time.  
> Back then I could not find basic help that I needed.   It appears to be 
> better today.   Is there a registration page?

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