I have also asked this on Ask sage- no answers yet.

I have sagemath notebook installed on my Mac laptop,

and it has been working fine until recently, maybe because I tried to run 
some 3d graphics program I found on the Sagemath manual. Then it froze up.

(Since my notebook isn't working, I am using the Cloud, but I'd like to get 
the notebook running again.)

I can see all my files, but I cannot run any programs. There is no 
"evaluate" button. The box for a new program doesn't turn blue around the 
edge. If I open up a worksheet, and go back to the list of files, it says 
(running), though nothing is working. Also, the "Help" and "Report a 
Problem" and "log" buttons don't work. "Home" and "Sign Out" do.

The "Discard and Quit" and Delete" buttons also don't work. If I open a 
file, it is marked (running) but Stpo doesn't stop it. To stop it, I can 
logout, then I start sage from terminal, kill the old PID, type notebook() 
and I see all the files, none are running.

Thus, I can sign out, log back in and it's still stuck. Restarting the Mac 
also doesn't help. Do I have to create a new notebook? Reinstall everything?

Help please !!!

thanks very much

More details:

 I have SAGE 7.2 installed on my mac with OSX 10.10.5. It opens in the 
Firefox browser. To install it I downloaded the Mac OSX binaries fior which 
it says Download Mac OS X binaries "These binaries are only for OS X 10.4 - 
10.10. " from this page: http://www.sagemath.org/download.html

I am using the Sage notebook. There is no error message- it just doesn't 
work anymore, as described above. 

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