Dear Christian,

On 2018-03-07, Christian Stump <> wrote:
> Anyway, looking at sage/graphs/bliss.pyx, it seems easy to modify your 
>> code to directly create a bliss graph.
> Help there is highly appreciated :-), I don't know how to do that 
> appropriately...

Just have a look at sage/graphs/bliss.pyx. Apparently it uses c++, so,
that needs to be taken into account when cythoning and compiling. See, where it says:
              language = "c++",
              libraries = ['bliss'],
              package = 'bliss'),

Apparently, it is then

  cdef Digraph *g = new Digraph(order)

to create a Digraph with a given number of vertices (which are always
numbered in range(order)), and then an edge from v1 to v2 is added like


In your code you basically do the same. Only problem: It seems that
you need to provide the number of vertices during initialisation of g.
But in your code, you add more vertices on the fly, IIRC. But this can
certainly be solved.

Best regards,

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