Tue 2018-03-13 01:52:07 UTC, Dima Pasechnik:
> On Tuesday, March 13, 2018 at 12:26:40 AM UTC, mkira...@gmail.com wrote:
>> Thanks for the help guys.
>> When I changed the drive file system from ntfs to ext4 it cleared past 
the error.
>> Now I am getting 
>> Sage build/upgrade complete!
>> To install small scripts to directly run Sage's versions of GAP,
>> the PARI/GP interpreter, Maxima, or Singular etc. (by typing e.g.
>> just 'gap' or 'gp') into a standard 'bin' directory, start Sage
>> by typing 'sage' (or './sage') and enter something like
>> install_scripts('/usr/local/bin')
>> at the Sage command prompt ('sage:').
> this is not an error, and you don't have to do what's suggested
> in this message after the line "Sage build/upgrade complete!"
>> should I run sage directly or do something.
> at this point you should have working sage.
> If you don't like to use the full path to it to start it, you can add a 
link to it in
> ~/bin/ or in /usr/local/bin 

One way to do that in the terminal, from the sage-8.1 directory,
is to run the command

    sudo ln -s `pwd`/sage /usr/local/bin

After that, from any location, running


will launch Sage.

You can also start other software shipped by Sage. Namely,

    sage --gap
    sage --gp
    sage --ipython
    sage --maxima
    sage --R
    sage --singular

will respectively run the versions of GAP, PARI/GP, IPython,
Maxima, R, Singular, shipped by Sage.

If you then also run this command in the terminal:

    sudo sage -c "install_scripts('/usr/local/bin')"

then you will be able to start these other programs directly by:


(if these commands already existed in your system, they will
not be overwritten).

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