Tickets are still available 
for the thirteenth year of “Lost Landscapes of San Francisco,“ the annual 
archival film program that celebrates San Francisco’s past (with implications 
for its future).  (Even when advance tickets are sold out, you can get in by 
walking up to the door.)

New sequences this year include the dune-dotted blocks of the Outer Richmond in 
the 1920s; Native American activists riding to the Alcatraz occupation; family 
life in the Crocker-Amazon district; secret images of the wartime Port; men 
walking cables on the unfinished Bay Bridge; elementary-school students doing 
science projects in 1957, the Year of Sputnik; surreal parade floats on Market 
Street; baseball crowds at Kezar Stadium: the 1962 World Series at the 
two-year-old Stick; the Human Be-In in 1966; newly discovered Cinemascope 
footage of 1950s SF; building Sunset houses in 1941; African American tourists 
in 1960s SF; and a Japanese American family living atop a semi-rural Rincon 
Hill in the 1930s. 

As always, the audience makes the soundtrack at the glorious Castro Theatre.  
Sing out to identify places, people and events; to ask questions; and to engage 
in spirited real-time repartee with fellow audience members.

"Lost Landscapes of San Francisco 13," Rick Prelinger, The Castro Theater, San 
Francisco, 6:30pm, TONIGHT & TOMORROW, Tuesday & Wednesday December 4 & 5.  The 
show starts promptly at 7:30pm.

To be sure of a seat:
• Long Now Members <> can use the discount code 
on the Prelinger Seminar page to reserve 2 free seats 
• You can purchase tickets for $25 each 
• The venue is The Castro Theater 
<>, 429 Castro Street, San 
Francisco, CA 94114
• No live stream for this event.
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Patron ticket proceeds from this 2 night show will go to support the Prelinger 
Library <>, an independent research 
library of historical ephemera.

The next SALT talks are:
January 14 - Martin Rees, Prospects for Humanity 
February 25 - John Brockman, Possible Minds

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You are welcome to forward this notice to anyone you think might be interested.

 --Stewart Brand

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