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To think usefully about humanity’s future, you have to bear everything in
mind simultaneously.  Nobody has managed that better than Martin Rees in
his succinct summing-up book: ON THE FUTURE: Prospects for Humanity.

As the recent President of the Royal Society (and longtime Royal
Astronomer), Rees is current with all the relevant science and technology.
At 76, he has seen a lot of theories about the future come and go. He has
expert comfort in thinking at cosmic scale and teaching the excitement of
that perspective. Civilization’s greatest danger comes from civilization
itself, which now operates at planetary scale. Consequently, he says, to
head off the hazards and realize humanity’s potentially fabulous prospects,
"We need to think globally, we need to think rationally, we need to think

And we can.

*"*Prospects for Humanity*," *Martin Rees, *SFJAZZ Center, Hayes Valley,* San
Francisco, *7pm, *Monday January 14*.  *The show starts promptly at 7:30pm.

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