Hiya SAM folk :)

Just thought I'd pop by and say that I started working on a new game tonight,
it's my first scrolling platform game for the SAM and tonight I got the basic
engine up and running and tbh it went easier than I thought.

It's for the Mayhem Accelerator, as I'm still coding in MasterBasic I've
had to limit the screen to 104 x 64, engine was running at 50 fps
at first, but once I started using more commands and got the player
jumping and wall jumping etc it's probs at say 20fps

I've got to reorganise it a bit the next few days and draw (ahhhh) more gfx
but for now it's called Ninj, and it's gonna be a ninja game, only 2 way
scrolling for now, but I've already got ideas to make it 8 direction for other 

anywayz, I know software is always welcome, so I hope someone likes
platformers :)

P.S. been off the drink for two years so no chance of this falling off the 
radar :D

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