Thanks Chris, you know what, I'd forgotten it was the SAM's 25th birthday this 
year, I feel quite ashamed, hehe

I'll post a video soon, meant to tonight but gotta get some more gfx done first 
just to set the mood :)

I'd be honoured to get it on Sam Revival. It'd bring back some of those 
treasured memories of FRED, Outlet in the early days.

Simon was kind enough to do a 4 * speed version of SimCoupe some years ago, 
largely to help with some other projects for Mayhem. I've thought for years 
that a Mayhem would be slightly faster than this, and in one project especially 
an extra 10% over what the emulator already does would make a substantial 
difference to a game (Slip 'n Slide)

But even at current speed, it looks like even in Basic a fair range of 
scrolling games could be done at 25fps in a window, which is exciting :D

Anyways, thanks again and I better get cracking...

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