Hi Stefan,
On 28/05/2014 23:37, Stefan Drissen wrote:
Cool! Not that I’ve ever used it, but just booted it into simcoupe and it 
worked instantly
However – after skimming through the manual – how do I read from a .cpm image 
(using simcoupe)?
I opened the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy .cpm as floppy 2.



256 entries of ?????.??? files are shown
That's because drive B: is actually the left floppy - or "floppy 1" in SimCoupé! So you're
trying to DIR a standard SAM format disk - in fact probably the Pro-DOS boot 
disk.  The 256
????????.??? DIR entries is standard response to an "unknown" format - as far 
as CP/M goes.

A0>fatread b:

That disk doesn’t appear to be fat12/16/32 formatted.
Because it's not! It's most likely a SAM format disk! ;-) The drive layout on a SAM with two floppy drives as seen by a freshly booted Pro-DOS v2.0 is: Drive A - Internal RAM drive
Drive B - Left-hand floppy drive on a real SAM (floppy 1 in SimCoupé)
Drive C - Right-hand floppy drive on a real SAM (floppy 2 in SimCoupé)
So to run HHGTTG if you loaded the .CPM image to "floppy 2" in SimCoupé means you should have
moved to drive C: and not drive B:  Of course you could also use the SWAP 
command to switch the
drives around if you so wish.  So Drive C: could be Drive A: or any other drive 
on your system.
Note to everyone reading this: The manual tells you all of this... So it's well worth reading
at least once!  ;-)
On another note - how does it play with z88dk – which has a CPM target? (which 
I’ve also never
really used since I don’t do C, but it fascinates me and I had some fun getting 
it to build).
I'm not a 'C' programmer either, so have never heard of or played with z88dk. However, if its
target builds are generic CP/M 2.2 then I see no reason why the builds wouldn't 
work.  I might
have a look later and see.  I think I could just about manage a "Hello World" 
program in 'C'!

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