Hi Marcos,

On 29/05/2014 09:31, Marcos Cruz wrote:
I have used v1.9 several times in order to try CP/M programs.  I've just
tried v2.0 with SimCoupe, following the manual step by step (except the
hardware interfaces), and it works great. The feeling is it's a
different system than v1.9, more powerful and comfortable. I find it
very impressive. Congratulations.
Thank you! That was the feeling I was aiming for, so I'm glad you think it so!
I remember you saying you were interested in CP/M text adventures?  Well v2.0
makes playing them a whole lot smoother/slicker.  Let's face it, forget all the
office stuff - it's text adventures that CP/M was really designed for.  ;-)
I find the manual clear and detailed. But anyway I'm not a native speaker :)
That's good to know - thanks!
Thank you for all this work.
You're most welcome - we've got to keep the SAM alive! Cheers,

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