Thanks a lot Wub.

It was a dream for me to have finally in my hand a Sam Coupè.

I hope that someone can help me to find Samtape 4 and Kobrahsoft CD2 Tape di 
Sam Disk drive utilities.

Best wishes.

Simone Voltolini
Via Cavour 1, 46030 San Giorgio di Mantova MN
Tel/Fax +39 0376 371059
voip: 0376 1855999 - P. IVA 02048930206
skype: ranma_simon

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Oggetto: Re: Hi All Sam Users From Italy!

Hi and welcome to the Sam scene! :)

You made a great choice, the Sam has some excellent software and is the nicest 
way to play spectrum games on real hardware too!

Have fun!


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