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> OT too, but I've been wanting to emulate the Hobbit (ZX Spectrum clone)
> in Fuse for a while, as this has a Forth mode.

I never heard of that Spectrum clone. I've just read some links from
Wikipedia and it sounds interesting. Unfortunately, I'm not familiar
with such a project, implementing new hardware on an emulator. Certainly
it is a good idea. I use Fuse a lot, and as you know it already emulates
other ZX Spectrum russian clones, Pentagon and Scorpion.

> I'm just not sure if you're more focussed on Forth itself and perhaps my
> attempts to emulate the hardware might be off-topic there.

Yes, the group is focussed on Forth itself: learning, using,
programming, or implementing it. But if you ever have a Forth-related
doubt during the implementation on the emulated Hobbit, you'll find some
help there.

Marcos Cruz

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