Okay, here i go again ...

i can confirm, that it is not a permission problem. It's just that there
are no files, where they should be.

The scanner is recognized by sane-find-scanner now. But scanimage -L
doesn't find it, because the sane-backends .conf files are supposed to
be at:
but there is no etc/ (and there also is no doc/; both are present under
1.0.25_1; (»officially« there should also be a tools/, but this isn't
present neither in 25 nor in 27).

Looking at
[[see note]]
the make-log shows, that the backends are all build with
which seems alright.

Maybe they get deleted later? I don't know enough about this process, to
know where to look for answers.
@Yurii can you help with this?


[[ Note:
I corrected and reintroduced the patch from 1.0.25, that fixes some
header files, and thus made a version 1.0.27_2. ]]

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