> Dave,
> Thank you very much, it did work, I used this.

You're quite welcome!

> I did notice that I do not have the same tweaks that Rolf and I had worked
> on on his ppa. I am guessing that his ppa gets updated more than the
> regular sane backend.

He may be building from a custom tree, or one which is based on the
current top-of-branch development code at the SANE repository.
There have been a number of changes committed to the repo since
1.0.27 was released, I believe, and you would not have found any of
those in the 1.0.27 tarball you downloaded.

> One last question. Is the folder that gets extracted for building
> (sane-backends-1.0.27)
> tied to anything, or can it be removed?

You should be able to remove it.  Once the files are installed in
/usr/local/ there won't be any back-links to the source or build

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