Jeff <> wrote:

> Sure. sane-backends 1.0.27 is in Debian unstable and testing.

Is it?  The Debian package pages seem to show only various cuts
of a 1.0.25 version in the testing and unstable distributions
at this time.  As far as I can tell, there hasn't yet been an
effort to pick up 1.0.27 for Debian.  Unless Debian has done
something horrid with version numbers (picking up 1.0.27 and
still calling it 1.0.25-something-or-other) I don't think that
it's there yet.

Unfortunately, this may leave Curtis with only two choices:
go back to Ubuntu, or struggle through the blood, sweat, toil,
and tears of learning how to actually build the sane-backends code
from source.

Curtis wrote:

> If you have a great source for a walk through so I can learn how
> to build this specifically for libsane and Debian, I would definitely
> give it a try, but I have found that if I don't have a good resource
> to fall back on, it is probably a bad idea for me to try, I tend to
> break things, lol.

So do we all, at first.  "Experience gained is directly proportional to
equipment destroyed" (or "smoke released" or "glassware broken" or
"days in the clinic getting the fumes washed out of our lungs" or
like that).  :-)

All I can offer is what's up on the developer-information pages at
the web site.  That's where I started when I needed to
fix a few broken things in the Avision back-end last year.

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