Follow-up Comment #33, task #14529 (project administration):

Thank you; this is the next pass.

These files don't seem relevant for a distribution:


The status of files like
rtai-lab/scilab5/RTAI/loader.sce isn't clear; they are plain
text, but they say they are generated (from unspecified sources);
they have no license notice.

rtai-lab/matlab/ptinfo.tlc has no license notice.

rtai-lab/scilab5/examples/test.cos has no notices.

Is rtai-lab/scicoslab/devices/machine.h autogenerated?
It lacks valid notices.

rtai-lab/scicoslab/macros/RTAI/rtai4_comedi_encoder.sci lacks notices.

rtai-lab/scicoslab/macros/RTAI/gif_icons/* have no notices.

The format of rtai-lab/matlab/examples/test.mdl allows
comments; the notices should be written in the file itself.

In files like rtai-lab/Fl_Scope.cpp the copyright notice
isn't very clear:

COPYRIGHT (C) 2003  Lorenzo Dozio (...@...)
                    Paolo Mantegazza (...@...)
                    Roberto Bucher (...@...)
                    Peter Brier (...@...)

One can see that Lorenzo Dozio is a copyright holder, but what about the
Did they contribute anything copyrightable, or are they mentioned
to give them credit for something else?

This is especially ambiguous because in some other files
one can read:

  COPYRIGHT (C) 2002  Lorenzo Dozio (...@...)
  Paolo Mantegazza (...@...)

  Modified 15.1.2003 Roberto Bucher ...@...
  Modified 15.8.2009 Henrik Slotholt ...@...

Did Roberto Bucher and Henrik Slotholt assign copyright to someone else?
Are their modifications just uncopyrightable?

Every copyright holder should have a separate copyright notice.


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