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>What features make Ada safer than Java/C#? (I only have limited experience
>with Ada but from memory there was nothing that jumps out at me as something
>that Java lacks)

Quoting from Tucker Taft in

> Integer conversion (casting) in Java is truncating.  Integer conversion in 
> Ada is value-preserving, with a run-time check on overflow (note that
> GNAT in some configurations suppresses overflow checks by default,
> which is naughty in some people's view ;-).  To get truncation in Ada,
> you need to use an explicit "mod"/"rem" or Unchecked_Conversion.

Markus Kuhn has a general comparison between Ada, Java and C++ at

Real-time aspects of Java garbage collection are discussed at

Enumerated types are discussed at

Comparing the Ada protected object to the Java monitor

and other synchronization issues

Strong typing of scalars

Lack of generics means containers are not type-safe in Java

Reference to a general comparison document from ACT Europe

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