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[Michael Hines wrote]
>> I've been compiling a list of programming languages..  [...]
>> My list -- (feel free to add to it).
> 42. BCPL
> 43. sh
> 50. Machine code
> I'd also point out that if it's languages you're trying to list,
> JavaScript arguably should not have a separate entry from Java (and
> probably VBScript vs Visual Basic too).  I also think ADA should be
> spelled Ada - you seem to be _trying_ to capitalize correctly....

I already responded off-list to Michael Hines, the originator of this
thread, but perhaps I can just add if all everyone is interested in
is a list of programming languages, you can find a nice list
at the ACM Hello World page:

I would have mentioned it earlier had I known that we were
going to continue down this rabbit trail.  Besides, there are
lots of other similar sites available. (Google is your friend. ;-)

Now let's get back on track of WHAT collecting such a list
has to do with secure programming. Does the original poster
(Michael Hines) intend on developing an ontology of programming
languages based on how they support (or fail to support--whoa,
really big list ;-) secure programming? If so, I can see how
we might all learn some lessons from that. If not, I guess I'm
missing the whole point this thread was started, so please
enlighten me.

-kevin wall
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