It's been kind of quiet around here lately - hopefully just because everyone
is off enjoying a well deserved summer (or winter, for those of you in the
opposite hemisphere) break.  In an effort to stir things up a bit, I thought
I'd try to get some opinions about good foundational materials for security
professionals.  (I'm relatively new to the field, and would like to broaden
my background knowledge.)  Specifically, what are the top five or ten
security papers that you'd recommend to anyone wanting to learn more about
security?  What are the papers that you keep printed copies of and reread
every few years just to get a new perspective on them?  

Amoroso has a list of selected papers in an appendix to "Fundamentals of
Computer Security Technology" (sorry, haven't been able to find a web link),
but I'm interested in hearing other perspectives, as well as hearing about
newer papers that have excited people.   Any thoughts?


Matt Setzer

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