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> Matt Setzer wrote...
> > It's been kind of quiet around here lately - hopefully just because
> > everyone is off enjoying a well deserved summer (or winter, for
> > those of you in the opposite hemisphere) break.  In an effort to
> > stir things up a bit, I thought I'd try to get some opinions about
> > good foundational materials for security professionals.  (I'm
> > relatively new to the field, and would like to broaden my
> > background knowledge.)  Specifically, what are the top five or ten
> > security papers that you'd recommend to anyone wanting to learn
> > more about security?  What are the papers that you keep printed
> > copies of and reread every few years just to get a new perspective
> > on them?
> Okay, for starters, in no particular order:

<snip great list>

I have two other items that I'd add to the list.  Neither are really 
papers, though.  One is the NIST Introduction to Computer Security (SP 
800-12 at 

The other is Bruce Schneier's book _Secrets_and_Lies_ . . . 


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