Michael Silk wrote:
I don't think that analogy quite fits :) If the 'grunts' aren't doing
their job, then yes - let's blame them. Or at least help them find
ways to do it better.

If they're not doing their job, no need to blame them - they're critically injured, captured, or dead. ...or in the case of programmers - fired. If you insist on blaming them, you're redirecting blame and that's BS.

As for "finding ways to do it better" .. they're well trained - if
they're not well trained, they're (again) critically injured, captured,
or dead.  But as happened in the most recent "event in the big sandbox",
they're not well supplied in all cases.  Wow.  Sound familiar?  What?  A
programmer not given full specifications or the tools they need?  Yeah.
 That never happens in the Corporate World.

The analogy works.

Some comparisons:

You call in for close air support .. and friendlies drop munitions on
your position (your manager just told the VP "yeah, we can ship two
weeks early, no problems").

You call in for intel on your position and you're told the path to your
next objective is clear - only to get ambushed as you're halfway there
(the marketing guys sold the customer a bill of goods that can't
possibly be delivered in the time alloted - and your manager agreed to
it without asking the programmers)

You're recon and you light up a target with a laser designator and then
call in the bombers - only to find they can't drop the laser-guided
munitions because "friendlies" just blew up the nearby fuel depot and
now they can't get a lock on the designator because of the smoke (sorry,
you can't get the tools you need to do your job so make due with what
you've got - nevermind that the right tool is readily available - i.e.
GPS-guided munitions in this example - it's just not supplied for this

.. ok, enough with the examples, I hope I've made my point.

Mr. Silk, it's become quite clear to me from your opinions that you
appear to live/work in a very different environment (frankly, it sounds
somewhat like Nirvana) than the bulk of the programmers I know.

Grunts and programmers take orders from their respective chain of
command.  Not doing so with get a grunt injured, captured, or killed and
a programmer fired.  Grunts and programmers each come with a skillset
and a brain trained and/or geared to accomplishing the task at hand.
Experience lets them accomplish their respective jobs more effectively
and efficiently by building on that training - but neither can disregard
the chain of command without repercussions (scantions, court martial,
injury, or death in the case of a grunt - and demotion or firing in the
case of a programmer).  If the grunt or programmer simply isn't good at
their job, and the chain of command doesn't move them to a more
appropriate position, they're either dead or fired.


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