But, the problem I see with this survey is they only polled 1,000 out of 
what over 5 million users in the USofA.  Just randomly suppose they 
accidently picked everyone that
has superb software and hardware on their systems (unlikely but probable). 
On repairing systems for my customers I say 1 of of 20 are only satisfied 
with their programs so who is right Harris Poll or my customers?  To me this 
is like the Tv ratings group with their poll which only sample less then 
1/10 of the total tv population.

Way to many options for flaws in this survey.  I attend many forums and see 
lots of input about bad software and hardware but its to bad they do not 
complain to the maker.


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> Here's a depressing survey
> http://www.internetweek.com/breakingNews/showArticle.jhtml?articleID=161601958
> It claims that a survey of adults asking them whether an industry was
> doing "a generally good job or a bad job of serving their customers." To
> come up with a final score in the annual survey, Harris subtracted the
> negative responses from the positive responses.
> The sand result: software companies, as an industry, placed 4th in the
> top 10 of this survey. That means that consumers are generally pretty
> happy with the software they are buying.
> This makes it highly unlikely that software companies are about to start
> dumping large quantities of $$ into improving software quality.
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