On 5/2/05, Kenneth R. van Wyk <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Michael Silk wrote:
> >I honestly don't believe that the consumers will _EVER_ care, and I
> >don't believe that should have to. At most maybe they should just need
> >to keep an eye out for a sticker, or star-rating (government approved)
> >or something. But as you say, 'security' is 'hard to measure', so an
> >approach like that won't work.
> As the saying goes, give the consumer the choice between security and
> dancing pigs, and they'll pick dancing pigs every single time.  There's
> probably more than just a grain of truth to that.

I would too; I've never seen a dancing pig ... :)

> Yet, despite that pessimistic outlook -- and the survey that forked this
> thread -- I do think that companies are demanding more in software
> security, even though consumers are not.  I'm not aware of surveys that
> directly address that, but it sure seems obvious to me that they are.

Demanding more maybe, but getting charged for it too... so the problem
is still there: security as a 'feature'. 'Security' needs to become a
baseline, just like any other programming construct (maths, ...) But
anyway, ...

> Here's to wishful thinking, anyway!


-- Michael

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