I think there's a lot more that static analysis can do than what you're
describing. They're not (necessarily) just fancy pattern matchers.

Static analysis can add security meta-information to a software baseline. If
the tool knows which methods are related to which security mechanisms, it
can help you find, navigate, and understand their design. The tools help me
generate a security 'view' of a software baseline.

Does the application do encryption? Is it centralized? What algorithms are
used? What data flows are affected? Are there any paths around the
encryption? Where are the keys stored? Is there proper error handling and
logging for the encryption mechanism? Static analysis tools make answering
all these questions easier.

Today's static analysis tools are only starting to help here. Tools focused
on dumping out a list of vulnerabilities don't work well for me. Too many
false alarms.  Maybe that's what you meant by 'inhibit'.

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An unpopular opinion I’ve held is that static analysis tools, while very
helpful in finding problems, inhibit a reviewer’s ability to find collect as
much information about the structure, flow, and idiom of code’s design as
the reviewer might find if he/she spelunks the code manually.

I find it difficult to use tools other than source code navigators (source
insight) and scripts to facilitate my code understanding (at the

Perhaps you can give some examples of static analysis library/tool use that
overcomes my prejudice—or are you referring to the navigator tools as well?

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Static analysis tools can help a lot here. Used properly, they can provide
design-level insight into a software baseline. The huge advantage is that
it's correct.

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