Jeff Williams wrote:
> I think there's a lot more that static analysis can do than what you're
> describing. They're not (necessarily) just fancy pattern matchers.
> ...
> Today's static analysis tools are only starting to help here. Tools focused
> on dumping out a list of vulnerabilities don't work well for me. Too many
> false alarms.  Maybe that's what you meant by 'inhibit'.
In the general case, I think that any kind of analysis tool (static
analyzer, fuzzing tool, debugger, whatever) focuses the analyst's
attention on whatever aspects the tool author thought was important.
Whether this is a good or bad thing depends on whether you agree with
the author.

Using no tools at all just imposes a different bias filter, as humans
are (relatively) good at spotting some kinds of patterns, and not others.


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> Jeff,
> An unpopular opinion I’ve held is that static analysis tools, while very
> helpful in finding problems, inhibit a reviewer’s ability to find collect as
> much information about the structure, flow, and idiom of code’s design as
> the reviewer might find if he/she spelunks the code manually.
> I find it difficult to use tools other than source code navigators (source
> insight) and scripts to facilitate my code understanding (at the
> design-level). 
> Perhaps you can give some examples of static analysis library/tool use that
> overcomes my prejudice—or are you referring to the navigator tools as well?
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> Static analysis tools can help a lot here. Used properly, they can provide
> design-level insight into a software baseline. The huge advantage is that
> it's correct.
> --Jeff 
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