FYI, I saw the following tool release announcement over on bugtraq, and thought it might be of interest to some of you here. I know the terms "PHP" and "security" in the same sentence often are met with laughter here, but what the heck. If the tool helps a few PHP developers write PHP apps that are hardened against SQL injection attacks, then why not.


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From: Ezequiel Gutesman <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Date: August 22, 2007 12:26:55 PM EDT
Subject: Announcement: Releasing CORE GRASP for PHP. An open source, dynamic web application protection system.

CORE GRASP for PHP is a web-application protection software aimed at
detecting and blocking injection vulnerabilities and privacy violations.
As mentioned during its presentation at Black Hat USA 2007, GRASP is
being released as open source under the Apache 2.0 license and can be
obtained from

The present implementation protects PHP 5.2.3 against SQL-injection
attacks for the MySQL engine, it can be installed with almost the same
effort as the PHP engine, both in Unix and Windows systems, and
protection is immediate with any PHP web application running in the
protected server.

CORE GRASP works by enhancing the PHP execution engine (VM) to permit
byte-level taint tracking and analysis for all the user-controlled or
otherwise untrustable variables of the web application. Tainted bytes
are then tracked and their taint marks propagated throughout the web
application's runtime. Whenever the web application tries to interact
with an DB backend using SQL statements that contain tainted bytes,
GRASP analyzes the statment and detects and prevents attacks or abnormal

CORE GRASP was developed by CoreLabs, the research unit of Core Security
Technologies. At CoreLabs, we plan to improve the tool and include new
protections shortly. However, the invitation to collaborate with the
project is open. If you would like to collaborate, please go to the
GRASP website and subscribe to our mailing list.

Project home:
Documentation, presentation and papers:

Kenneth R. van Wyk
KRvW Associates, LLC

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