Hello SC-L!

The OWASP Podcast Series continues to accelerate! We released 5 podcasts
this month which I hope you find to be of  value.
39August 25, 2009Listen
 | Show Notes </index.php/Podcast_39>Interview with Gunnar Peterson
(Webservices)38August 25, 2009Listen
 | Show Notes </index.php/Podcast_38>Interview with the OWASP Global
Education Committee37August 22, 2009*Listen
* | Show Notes </index.php/Podcast_37>Interview with Jason Lam and Johannes
Ullrich (SANS Institute)36August 15, 2009Listen
 | Show Notes </index.php/Podcast_36>May 2009 News Commentary Recorded July
23 with Boaz Gelbord, Andre Gironda, Jason Lam, Jim Manico, Alex Smolen, Ben
Tomhave, Andrew van der Stock and Jeff Williams (part 2)35August 4, 2009Listen
Now <http://www.owasp.org/download/jmanico/owasp_podcast_35.mp3> | Show
Notes </index.php/Podcast_35>Interview with Anton Chuvakin, Ph.D (PCI)
Faster than a speeding bullet *winks*, the OWASP Podcast
bringing on 2 additional hosts, is spawning a Spanish AppSec podcast
series, and will be releasing interviews from Andy Steingruebl (PayPal),
David Rice (Geekonomics), and the DC AppSec crowd (Acronyms) in September.

Ken, please forgive me for ignoring your advice to slow down. ;D

Aloha to all of SC-L and thank you for listening.

Jim Manico
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