I had proofs in junior high Geometry too, though I do not recall using them outside that class. I went all the way through differential equations, matrix algebra and probability/statistics and I don't recall much focus on proofs. This was in the early 1980s in a good school (Illinois), so it wasn't just modern teaching methods that were too blame. I am not sure that the proofs were all that useful for understanding some things either, though the logic they taught has value that I missed a bit of since I did hit some modern techniques.


Brad Andrews
RBA Communications

Quoting Stephan Neuhaus <stephan.neuh...@disi.unitn.it>:

On Aug 25, 2009, at 17:35, Benjamin Tomhave wrote:

You don't teach proofs - not really. The elementary and junior high
curriculum generally does not contain anything about proofs

I was talking about college students because that's when I was properly
taught programming.  That may no longer be true.  But in maths, I *was*
taught how to do proper proofs in high school (from 7th grade on, when
we had Geometry). I may have been unusually lucky.

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