Your example is spurious as a refutation of what I was trying to say (as I 
suspect you already know). Obviously you're not going to try to teach a 
not-yet-verbal infant a self-preservation concept that requires even the most 
rudimentary reasoning.

That said, I'll be interested to hear from you in, say, a year and a half from 
now. And I still maintain that the intellectual maturity of a 
two-and-a-half-year-old hardly constitutes "intermediate-to-advanced" EXCEPT 
possibly when compared with that of a one-year-old.

Karen Mercedes Goertzel, CISSP
From: Benjamin Tomhave []
Sent: Wednesday, August 26, 2009 12:27 AM
To: Goertzel, Karen [USA]
Subject: Re: [SC-L] Where Does Secure Coding Belong In the Curriculum?

Goertzel, Karen [USA] wrote:
> We teach toddlers from the time they can walk that they shouldn't
> play in traffic. A year or two later, we teach them to look both ways
> before crossing the street. Even later - usually when they're
> approaching their teens, and can deal with "grim reality", we give
> examples that illustrate exactly WHY they needed to know those
> things.
Actually, I'm not teaching my 1 yo toddler much of anything about
traffic right now. I'm more playing guardian when she runs around the
house and making sure she doesn't get into situations for which she...
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