Thanks Ozkan for building some windows exes :)
The 4.21 release/candidates are now all up at Sourceforge.
regards, Steven

On Wed, Jan 1, 2020 at 1:07 PM Steve A <> wrote:

> Hi, I've bumped the version number and added changelogs in subversion,
> getting ready for a new release.
> There's a few new translations if anyone would like to look for the TODOs
> in these files
> I'm pretty happy with the new EPD features, though they are mainly for the
> more niche users and probably need some decent testing.
> There will be a mostly-working macOS 64 bit version too. Here's the
> changelog,
> happy holidays. S.A.
> Gamelist (and Best Games) can now show 'Next Moves' instead of just the
> 'Opening Moves' if the tree is open and adjusting filter.
> Text foreground colour option for listboxes and text windows. (and remove
> the 'global' colour option which is too rough).
> Fics: allow moves made by examiners to be seen by other
> examiners/observers, and fix longstanding init fail.
> Mac: 64 bit macOS port. Poor performance but mostly working.
> Engines
> Allow multiple engine logs at once, which can be nicely updated in
> real-time (and bind 'space' to engine stop/start).
> Small engine boards now have an alternative display mode: Arrow shows best
> move.
> Free up right-click for windows 'copy text'. (Use middle click instead for
> toggling analysis modes).
> Can now always show 'Infos' via an option in the main Engine config widget.
> Low level support for alternative "GO" modes for UCI engines.
> (::uci::goCommand)
> Give transient engine popup buttons the same bindings as their originals.
> EPD Window
> New annotaion/analyze features (UCI only): Count best moves and
> (optionally) show/store results.  Allow selecting the engine.
> New 'find' entrybox searches EPD file for matching text.
> Basic EPD/FEN export feature.
> Menu rearranging, including enabling more translations, and changing
> menubuttons to standard menu widgets.
> Paste analysis now removes previous analysis opcodes.
> Bind space in listbox to start/stop engine.
> Minor
> Tree window - options to hide buttonbar, and always 'Adjust' filter.
> Display a board in the Player Report (if applicable).
> Full German help update from Christian.
> Improve Gamelist 'see' issues.
> Brazil-Portuguese language update from Gilberto de Almeida Peres.
> Opening Books - don't clobber existing game mainline with book import (was
> 'export'). Unneeded 'update -pgn' was slowing everything down too.
> Refresh score graph at end of fics game.
> Pressing End key twice always goes to game end.
> Show Tux in the comment editor, and update the gifs.
> Update chess 960 patch.
> New flip board button
> scidt reverse sort feature. Also - don't accept empty sort criteria, and
> accept 'si4' filenames.
> Don't ask to 'Save Game' if the game length is zero, and try to stop ECO
> window clobbering (any) game changes (New 'sc_game info halfmoves' command).
> Bugfixes
> PGN - Properly handle all level of var indentation.
> Windows: Fix extra text in the Player Info windows
> Fix Tree cache getting saved with app close
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