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Subject: Space Grants Available

Hello everyone!

Space Education Initiatives is proud to offer schools in all 50 states
wonderful new grant opportunities this year! We have grants covering a wide
array of programs, and all the grant information is availble by simply
clicking on the "Funding Opportunities" link on our home page

Space Education Initiatives has a new look, a new direction, and new
opportunities for teachers in all 50 states! Take the time to look through
the different grants and program information, you won't be dissapointed.
Wisconsin teachers are also eligible for free resources through the WIMSTE
initiative. Please contact Space Education Initiatives for details!

Funded Program Descriptions:

Have your students explore the martian surface! This 3 phase program will
give you access to curricula, activities, online events, a simulated NASA
mission, and much much more! See the web site for details.

Orbital Laboratory:
This cutting-edge program gives you and your students the ability to
participate in a real NASA plant growth experiment on the International
Space Station! Program includes a full classroom kit, curricula, activities,
online events, and more! Only a 1,000 kits are available, so call (800)
965-3763 today to get involved!

Mission: Solar System:
Mission: Solar System combines Space Explorers' Moonlink, NEARlink, and
Marslink programs into an all inclusive Solar System program that includes
curricula, activities, a simulated NASA mission, online events, and much
more! Limited grants are avilable, so call (800) 965-3763 today to see if
your school is eligible for funding!

Space Education Initiatives is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation
dedicated to engaging students in science, math and technology by using the
excitement of space exploration.

Space Education Initiatives is actively involved in providing educational
programs, professional development opportunities and technical and content
support to K-12 teachers throughout the country. 

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