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The October issue of CATALYST is now on-line!

Featured Story:"Teaching's Mt. Everest: Is it worth is?"
Will National Board Certification improve the quality of instruction?

Also, "The College Challenge"
How four first-year students found money to pay for college tuition.
Second part of an ongoing series.
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___________ MAIN STORY ____________

> Quest center is 'Cadillac' of support programs for certification candidates
A year in the life of National Board Certificate candidates.
> Four teachers who made the trek
One who made it. Three others awaiting results.

> Extra money attracts more teachers in other states
_________ FROM THE EDITORS _________

> Education still a priority for the country
>Web Extra: Helping students cope

__________ NEWS UPDATES ___________

> Foundations play major role in small schools initiative
> State testing bill could eliminate ITBS in Chicago's public schools
State tests could replace Iowa in Chicago.

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On the air:  CATALYST Editor Veronica Anderson hosts 
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