Hello Davide,

Most USA ISPs (e.g., Sprint, ATT, etc.) provide the dongle/router/... , often a device that plugs into a USB port. The unit you suggest states:

One Gigabit Ethernet (RJ-45)

Is this only "gigabit ethernet" or does it have other 802.3 capabilities? (I much prefer when the vendor states IEEE 802.3 whatever so that one can know to which standards the device is claimed to be compliant, rather than a marketing term such as "gigabit ethernet".) To avoid 802.11 sniffing, I want to use a wired (e.g., 802.3) connection to a device that accesses an ISP 4G, etc., service.

Essentially all ISPs I have found support a USB adapter that is Mac OS X or MS Win usable, but I need to verify Linux use (typically with the kernels and related drivers/layers that SL 7 uses).



On 10/14/2016 01:13 AM, Davide Poletto wrote:
Hello Yasha, shouldn't a ISP (carrier) be "OS agnostic"?

I mean: if I were you I would worry about USB 4G/LTE Dongle OS's compatibility but I would not about ISP (carrier) OS's compatibility...this because (yeah, your YMMV), in general, I would avoid to look for (and, even if found, to consequently use) a USB 4G/LTE Dongle directly connected to my Linux host (AFAIK some Huawei 4G Dongles seem to be globally compatible on Linux, tested on Fedora Workstation), I would *instead* direct my research straight to a 4G/LTE Router that will provide (a) an Ethernet LAN port and, eventually (not necessarily), (b) an embedded WiFi AP.

A lot of headaches will be avoided since a Router is OS agnostic and vice versa.

Have you considered *something similar* to a 4G/LTE Router *like* the ZyXEL LTE4506-M606 <http://www.zyxel.com/me/en/products_services/lte4506_m606.shtml?t=p>? Just plug-in your enabled 4G/LTE carrier's SIM and you should be OK...provided that your carrier provides good 4G/LTE signal on your zone of operation (especially indoor)...it's better than a USB 4G/LTE Dongle IMHO and it's portable too.

I personally use a ZyXEL LTE3301-Q222 (Indoor 4G/LTE Router) in front of my Firewall appliance, so it's used mainly as 4G/LTE Modem (in the LTE 800 MHz band) that does basically only NAT (eventually it can be configured to work in Bridge mode) and it works quite well and it's really stable (better than a copper asynchronous DSL connection, at least here in Italy!).

Maybe I misunderstood your real request, pardon me if I've done.

Kind regards, Davide.

On Fri, Oct 14, 2016 at 1:05 AM, Yasha Karant <ykar...@csusb.edu <mailto:ykar...@csusb.edu>> wrote:

    I need a 4G wireless USB WNIC and ISP (carrier) that is SL 7
    compatible -- that is, that the drivers exist for SL 7, not just
    MS Win or Mac OS X.  The service needs to be in my geographic
    region; thus, I will check recommendations against service area
    (several I have found do not serve my area).  I do not want to use
    a MIFI access point unless a UTP hardwired 802.3 connection is
    supported -- I do not want to use 802.11 or Bluetooth to connect
    to the access point . Any suggestions greatly would be
    appreciated.  Thus, a USB direct connection into the machine would
    be best.

    Yasha Karant

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