On Sat, Oct 15, 2016 at 2:53 AM, Yasha Karant <ykar...@csusb.edu> wrote:
> Hello Davide,
> Most USA ISPs (e.g., Sprint, ATT, etc.) provide the dongle/router/... ,
> often a device that plugs into a USB port.  The unit you suggest states:
> One Gigabit Ethernet (RJ-45)
> Is this only "gigabit ethernet" or does it have other 802.3 capabilities?
> (I much prefer when the vendor states IEEE 802.3 whatever so that one can
> know to which standards the device is claimed to be compliant, rather than a
> marketing term such as "gigabit ethernet".)  To avoid 802.11 sniffing, I
> want to use a wired (e.g., 802.3) connection to a device that accesses an
> ISP 4G, etc., service.
> Essentially all ISPs I have found support a USB adapter that is Mac OS X or
> MS Win usable, but I need to verify Linux use (typically with the kernels
> and related drivers/layers that SL 7 uses).
> Regards
> Yasha

There is a booby trap with Apple manufactured USB network frobs I've
not seen noticed many places. Many of them have the same MAC address,
and when I dug into this recently, didn't have graceful tools for
controlling the MAC address. It may have since become a solved
problem, but when you have two Mac laptops, no matter the operating
system, trying to run the same MAC address with two different USB
frobs from the same vendor, hilarity ensues.

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