Hi Yasha
It is a Zbook 15 G2.
Ken and Mark put me on the right path.
We use our laptops unconnected to any networks.  Previous to RHEL 7 the system 
clock was saved to the hardware clock on shutdown or reboot by default. However 
NTP does sync the system and hardware clocks.  Since we do not use NTP no 
synchronization happens.
On 10/07/2016 11:14 AM, Bill Askew wrote:
> Hi everyone
> I am using SL 7.2 on a HP Zbook.  So far the only issue that I have is 
> setting the date and time does not set the Zbook's hardware clock.  It does 
> change the time for the duration of the session but when the ZBook is 
> rebooted the time goes back to what it was before plus the amount of time I 
> spent during the session.
> Does anyone have a fix for this?
> Thanks

I am using SL 7.2x on a HP Zbook without this issue.  Which model?  Mine 
is several years old and thus might be different from yours.

Yasha Karant

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