Hello, I am a mathematics/computer science college student. I am looking
forward to becoming a SL user, but the last time that I installed it it
came with the Red Hat Enterprise Linux License Agreement. I remember the
agreement asked me to create an account in Red Hat. I read in the SL
website that SL is not supported by Red Hat, so I was not sure whether I
should create the account or not. The first time I installed SL I just
closed the Aggrement and SL worked just fine, but I uninstalled it becuase
I did not wanted to be liable for not accepting the license agreement. Is
there any cost in the license to use SL?If so, how much is it? Is it open
for anyone to download and use or is it exclusive for scientists?

I am starting to do research on numerical analysis and creating programs to
implement them. It is my hope to add those programs or libraries to SL.

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