Unfortunately, I can reproduce here :

[root@dev7246 ~]# yum clean all
Loaded plugins: priorities, protectbase, security
Cleaning repos: IRFU-IGTF irfu-epel irfu-local irfu-nagios irfu-puppet 
irfu-puppet-deps irfu-sl irfu-sl-fastbugs irfu-sl-java irfu-sl-java-security
              : irfu-sl-security frontier-squid-cern quattor-pakiti
Cleaning up Everything
[root@dev7246 ~]# yum -y groupinstall Core  2>&1 |tail -2
Warning: Group core does not have any packages.
No packages in any requested group available to install or update
[root@dev7246 ~]# yum grouplist hidden|egrep 'Groups|Core'
Installed Groups:
Installed Language Groups:
Available Groups:
Available Language Groups:

(You'll notice we replaced all repositories with our local mirrors)

I the mean time, I reinstalled the node for a demo, but the behavior remained 
after the reinstall.


De : Pat Riehecky [mailto:riehe...@fnal.gov]

I'm not able to replicate that behaviour.  Can I have you run a 'yum clean all' 
and try again?



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