On Mon, Mar 17, 2014 at 08:17:11AM +0100, Francesco M. Taurino wrote:
> ginkgo cadx works flawlessly on sl6, on 32 and 64 bit pcs.
> it's an open source project, but if you need, there is also
> a certified version for diagnostic use:
> http://ginkgo-cadx.com/en/

Thanks, Francesco!  I saw ginkgo - perhaps I am missing something, 
but I only found free binaries for Windoze, $$$$ binaries for
Win/Mac/Linux, and open source only for Mac.  Maybe there is
a way to compile Mac sources without Cocoa and other Mac-only
libraries, but that seemed like too much to tackle.

Since my last posting, I found more programs that didn't work,
and some free open source tools that /actually do work/.


displays some of the images I have (using gtk), while


translates many different versions of DICOM to standard
image formats like PNG.  I used the latter to look at some
Siemens/Acuson ultrasound images that choked xmedcon. 
I've barely scratched the surface of either tool.

Fedora 17+, and someday SL7 will be able to run versions of
GIMP and ImageMagick that can convert some DICOM images.

My wife's clinic runs the Open EMR medical records software
(on SL6 of course), and we are customizing/optimizing it to
meet the needs of her unique patients. 


Incorporating images in the charts, exporting images with
explanations on the patient portal, this will take a long
time to get working, but eventually we will automatically
construct secure patient documents on the EL6-derived outside
server, as well as export information for research studies
for those patients who choose to opt in to them.

Someday, the biggest science use of Scientific Linux will be


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