On 04/28/2016 11:25 AM, Graham Allan wrote:
After the excitement of seeing firefox 45.1 ESR released for SL, we're
getting a handful of reports of frequent crashing.

I've had people try the obvious things (disable plugins esp. flash,
create a new firefox profile, reboot entire workstation) without any
obvious improvement.

Just wondering if anyone else has seen the same thing. Not seeing
anything reported in bugzilla, but it's only been ~1 day.


Hi Graham,

So far mine is well behaved.  But it is still early ...  :'(

Try this:

--> Edit
   --> Preferences
      --> Advanced
         --> General (tab)
            --> disable "Use hardware acceleration when available"

Fixes all kinds of stuff in 38.x.  I just leave it that way now.


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