On Fri, Sep 16, 2016, at 01:35, François Boulogne wrote:
> I think we need to determine how many boards we want (what github call
> project, I don't like this word... anyway).
> A big one with the progress or small ones, one per submodule? or one per
> core dev?

I think each board is associated with an outcome.  So, e.g., we will
decide on some projects such as "Improve Documentation", or "Add 3D
capability", or "Catch up on review backlog".  Each of those will then
have a few standard columns that we have to decide on.

An initial suggestion would be:

Inbox (list all relevant PRs)
In Progress (someone is working on it)
Ready for Review (please review this work)

Would that cover 80% of use cases, or do we need more columns?


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