> I think each board is associated with an outcome.  So, e.g., we will
> decide on some projects such as "Improve Documentation", or "Add 3D
> capability", or "Catch up on review backlog".  Each of those will then
> have a few standard columns that we have to decide on.

OK with that.
> An initial suggestion would be:
> Inbox (list all relevant PRs)
> In Progress (someone is working on it)
> Ready for Review (please review this work)
> Done
> Would that cover 80% of use cases, or do we need more columns?

Maybe we should had Needs Decision. Often, we have tickets stuck on a
decision to take, either on new features (names, API...) or on
refactoring (change API, dependencies, add new functions, reorganize a
code...). These choices are often not straightforward and we need
different opinions.

François Boulogne.
GPG: 32D5F22F

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