I'm having trouble getting scm with perforce working. I've set up a
simple project (archetype:create), and then modified my pom.xml to
contain this: 



























I am able to do scm:update without errors, and the p4 commandline client
works. However, if I do any action which tries to submits, such as
release:prepare or scm:checkin, I get an "Unable to submit" error. For
example, here I try checking in my pom.xml:

[DEBUG] Executing p4 -d C:\PerforceRoot\MC\my-app -p p4bck:1666 -u user
-P ************ submit -i

[DEBUG] SCM path in pom: //my-app

[DEBUG] Executing: p4 -p p4bck:1666 -u user -P ************ where

[DEBUG] cannot find depot => using //my-app

[DEBUG] Sending changelist:

Change: new








[ERROR] Provider message:

[ERROR] Unable to submit

[ERROR] Command output:


First sign of something not working I suppose is "cannot find depot",
why? And when it cannot, it still uses the correct one... (I've also
tried using //Mavenclient/my-app as url, only difference is that it
falls back to using //Mavenclient/my-app instead of //my-app)

The Mavenclient clientspec exists.


I'm using Maven version 2.0.9 with JDK on WinXP. scm-plugin is
version 1.0, release-plugin is 2.0-beta-7.


Have I done some misconfiguration? There are a few threads about this
available when googling, however they either don't get a reply, or the
solution does not solve the problem. 

Any other information needed to debug this?


Thankful for any help

Carl Pettersson

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