Hi Everyone,

    I was informed from a person on the social Windoweyes list that the company 
has been sold again to another company.
I am posting this email because lately on a daily basis I am receiving email 
after email that my email provider says that there are attached viruses. 
It is getting to the point I may have to get rid of my email address and 
wondering if anyone on this list is experiencing the same thing?

    It is nice to have a list to post to, but I suspect that our emails may 
have to be clocked, not posted, and a secondary email used to communicate via 
the Windoweyes web page. In other words, like Facebook, any communication done 
is sent to that third party address then forwarded to your Inbox, thus 
preventing direct access to your email account. GMail has the same feature, 
forwarding emails...

    Maybe there is no way to correct this since no matter the path, they still 
end up at your end. But luckily my provider has a spam/virus flag feature for 
all customers and labels suspicious mail and instead of sending it, just gives 
the email address of the sender and what the issue is, Virus, spam, document...
Then gives you the option of allow or delete.
The sad part, I receive up to 4 or more a day now.


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