Is anyone familiar with the Learning Ally Link program?  It is a Windows-based 
package which enables you to access and read your Learning Ally daisy content 
using your Windows computer.Like most of what Learning Ally does, it is not 
nicely accessible “out of the box”.It utilizes Internet Explorer Server 
technology.When you actually get it to open, you must turn Browse mode off in 
order to gain any access to it.Strangely though, when you move keyboard focus 
to the desktop icon and press the Enter key to launch the application, it does 
not open and gain focus.I am not sure how to consistently get it to properly 
open so that the screen comes into focus and can be navigated.Once I get the 
program to open properly, I can turn off Browse mode and then the tab key, as 
well as the shortcuts defined in the app will work.Does anyone have any 
experience with this software?  Additionally, are there any suggestions on how 
to consistently and straightforwardly get the program to launch and focus 
properly?  Thanks, Joe 
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