I attempted to submit this several days ago, but don’t think it ever posted.

There is a program available from Learning Ally which enables you to download 
and read their Daisy books on a Windows computer.
It is not particularly screen reader friendly, at least with Window-Eyes.
Like many developers, they say they support the software with Jaws but haven’t 
done anything at all with Window-Eyes.  (typical of their track record)
As I investigate the software, I see that it uses an Internet Explorer Server.  
(I’m not sure exactly what that tells me)  However, if I do get the program to 
launch and come into focus, I can turn Browse mode off, and then I am able to 
tab through the controls and navigate somewhat.
The odd thing is that when I press ENTER on the desktop icon, the program does 
not properly launch and come to the foreground.
I use ALT+TAB to cycle through running programs, and by doing that several 
times, and then using the mouse to click on the application, I eventually get 
it to open on the desktop.
Has anyone encountered this program, or this behavior?
... Any suggestions?

The program is available at: http://www.learningally.org/link

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