Dear all!

I want to play a video in a part of my application. How do I do that? Is
there any documentation for this? 
There are 2 cases I'm interested in: 
a) play a video in a part of the application window. Imagine a window, a big
rect and a button. The button starts the video playback.
b) play a video in the background of a menu. Ever played Battlefield 1942?
When starting up, there is an ugly menu with a video in the background. Such
a thing would be cool!

Here is some technical information:
OS: Windows 7 x64
Perl: strawberry perl 5.14.2 x64
SDL: 2.536
Alien::SDL: 1.43 (without smpeg support I think - how do I look up the
things that are compiled in my bundle?)

Best regards,

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