basically smpeg support is there on windows (talking about the library
aka dll).
But the bindings to it (SDL::SMPEG) has never felt much love so its
still pre-alpha state.
We made tests at least a year ago and playing videos was like one frame
per second.

So if you are interested in that you may need to fiddle around with it,
but we are there to help and guide.

Cheers, FROGGS

Am 05.05.2012 21:06, schrieb Alex:
> Dear all!
> I want to play a video in a part of my application. How do I do that? Is
> there any documentation for this? 
> There are 2 cases I'm interested in: 
> a) play a video in a part of the application window. Imagine a window, a big
> rect and a button. The button starts the video playback.
> b) play a video in the background of a menu. Ever played Battlefield 1942?
> When starting up, there is an ugly menu with a video in the background. Such
> a thing would be cool!
> Here is some technical information:
> OS: Windows 7 x64
> Perl: strawberry perl 5.14.2 x64
> SDL: 2.536
> Alien::SDL: 1.43 (without smpeg support I think - how do I look up the
> things that are compiled in my bundle?)
> Best regards,
> Alex

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