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In the last time we did, in my opinion, a big mistake. In test scripts we checked for libpng like: SDL::Config->has('png'). But this didnt ever returned true, Simply because the HAVE_PNG was only set when actually building that lib in SDL. (Note: not Alien::SDL) This ->has() method works pretty fine for stuff like SDL_gfx, since it will return true if we found SDL_gfx*.h. But there was no check for png.h at this stage. So even if we found libpng in system dirs or when we build it on our own, ->has('png') never returned true.

I changed the tests so it checks now for libpng in the shlib-hash that we get from Alien::SDL. This hash contains all found/build libs, and their path.

And why does it fail then?
BSD. LibPNG needs libz to run. Normally you would think that libpng is actually linked against libz, but hey, the BSD ppl dont think that way. I dont know the reasons but they decided to somehow build libpng without linking against libz. when you do: ldd /path/to/libpng.so you will get all the dependencies printed as a list. This works pretty fine on most systems, like on our ubuntu's and what not. On OpemBSD it prints an error message that the lib cant be loaded. But if you do LD_PRELOAD_LIBS=/path/to/libz.so ldd /path/to/libpng.so it will work. So we have to preload the lib in order libpng will use it. Doing this needs to happen on a very early level. Doing it from within a running perl is to late, even if we load libpng using DynaLoader. The only thing I can think about atm is that we run a perl, load that libz.so, and start a child perl process that does the stuff we do now.

This problem applies to libpng (needs libz), libtiff (needs libjpeg) and libvorbis (needs libogg). Before YAPC::EU I was working hard on that thing, I guess I can supply a patch in a few days.

Another problem that exists right now is that the old G4-Macs dont have a header file we want to use, I will debug that at some point. I dont think that there are so many users with a G4. These fails only come from BinGOs so far.

And there are still SDL::Controller(::Interface) fails. But since I dont really understand whats happening there it would be cool if the author (you kathekore ;o) would have a look at it.

So far from me, I will write a msg about the YAPC later.

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Awesome thanks.

Kartik Thakore

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I think the problem is TIFF support on BSD and Solaris, but FROGGS will
know for sure.


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Hey guys,

It looks like SDL lastest experimental has quite a few bit of fails. May I
get a summary of what the fails are?


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