Hi Kartik & Tobias,

1/ as for building strawberry perl binaries:
- I use MSYS shell + gcc included in straberry perl
- it builds fine without any patching simply by running: ./configure && make

it seems like DirectX headers included in strawberry's gcc (I am using the latest 5.16.2) play well with SDL2
checking d3d9.h usability... yes
checking d3d9.h presence... yes
checking for d3d9.h... yes
checking ddraw.h usability... yes
checking ddraw.h presence... yes
checking for ddraw.h... yes
checking dsound.h usability... yes
checking dsound.h presence... yes
checking for dsound.h... yes
checking dinput.h usability... yes
checking dinput.h presence... yes
checking for dinput.h... yes

2/ as for Alien::SDL2
what libraries do we want to include?
how does SLD2 work with SDL_gfx, SDL_mixer, ... ? are they still needed?
what I want to avoid (if possible) is SDL_Pango (huge GTK dependency chain)


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